Basics – Fundamental yoga poses are taught with an emphasis on proper alignment, core strength, flexibility, steady breathing, and mindfulness. Suitable for new students.

Basics (Gentle) and Basics (Stretch) – Ideal for new students, students with injuries, students with chronic pain, and students with low mobility. Taught at a slower pace, with less focus on strength and more focus on mobility.

All Levels – Dynamic classes intended to be accessible and challenging for both newer and more experienced students. Recommended that students are comfortable and familiar with Basics before attending All Levels.

The Practice – Practice alongside one or more of Urth Yoga's teachers. Explore the more demanding and complex poses in a fun and playful environment. Prerequisites: (1) Kick up to handstand at the wall without assistance. (2) Comfortable in crow pose. (3) Press up to upward facing bow without assistance.

Early Bird and Hour Yoga – A full class taught in 60 minutes! Open to all levels of experience and skill.

Restorative – A passive and relaxing practice, in which the body is supported with bolsters, blankets, and straps.  All levels welcome.