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Post Sunset - Day 1

Urth Yoga students are quickly finding their way to Still Yoga in Silver Lake and loving the studio, staff, teachers, and students.  The Tuesday 7:45pm class was a reunion after not seeing each other for a whole 2 days!  Urth Yoga and Still Yoga classes collided for total of 28 students!  Biggest Monday night ever!

Here is the full list of classes taught by Urth Yoga teachers at Still Yoga:
Tues/Thurs @ 7:45pm - All Levels (Anusara) with Keric
Mon/Wed @ 10:45am - All Levels with E.J.
Friday @ 6:00pm - The Practice (int/adv) with E.J.
Tues/Thurs @ 12:30pm - Hour Yoga with Sam (starts Aug 8, 2017)
Sunday @ 10:45am - All Levels with Grace