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Awaken the Spirit Within: A yoga breathing and meditation workshop

Honor your inner spirit through the active meditation practice of PRANAYAMA.  ‘Prana’ means ‘breath’ or ‘life force’.  Pranayama is the yoga practice of controlling the breath.  One type of pranayama involves inhaling from the pelvic region, exhaling through the mouth, then a second inhale from the chest area, then exhaling through the mouth again.  With repetition and intention, this ancient breath meditation allows you to connect with your spirit and helps you release the blocks in your life.  You will also learn how to take this practice with you on your journey through life.

Juliet Huck has studied and practiced this style of meditation for over a decade. She will guide you and teach you this technique in a safe and comfortable environment so you may find some clarity.

November 5, 2016     12:30pm -2:00pm
$20.00 before November 1, 2016.
$25.00 on or after November 1, 2016. 

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