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The Sorcery of Handstands with E.J. Merlin

E.J. Merlin is a handstand wizard.  If you’ve ever seen her do a handstand, you can tell that she is definitely using magic.  E.J. looks more comfortable on her hands than most people do on their feet.  She can balance forever.  She can walk on her hands.  She can kick up, jump up, press up, float up, and fly up into handstands.  And now she wants to pass some of the magic, skill, and technique on to you.  Whether you are learning to kick up to the wall or working on balancing in the middle of the room, E.J. has a bag of tricks that can help you get a little closer to your handstand goals, if not fly right up to them.  You just have to trust her and believe.

Learn to balance away from the wall (in the middle of the room) in this workshop.

$25 on or before Feb 15, 2017.
$30 on or after Feb 16, 2017.