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Sun Salutation Break-Down with Arjuna Rice

Hands to your shins or fingers to the mat. Step or jump back. Knees lifted or on the mat as you lower. Chaturanga. Cobra or Up-Dog."

Do you ever hear all the options and wonder which you should choose?

Even though Sun Salutes are likely to be one the first things you're taught in a Yoga class, they are deceptively complex. Something as simple as a forward fold is a lot less simple than you think, and rarely do we find time in class to break it down.

The poses in Sun Salutations show up over and over in the yoga practice, and as they often form the essence of a practice, it's essential that we move through them with integrity. Anything the body does repeatedly, it should do thoughtfully.

In this workshop, we'll slow down and identify the mechanics of each individual pose, as well as the transitions between them. We'll look at the range of options and modifications available - modifications which can make the poses more accessible, and options to challenge yourself as much as you need. And we'll take the time to answer any questions you may have. By the end, poses you've done hundreds or thousands of times might seem brand new!

$20 Cash Only!